Verified by TaskMoney ®

Verification Process:

We verify workers through the phone and obtain passport and bank information, ensuring that we know who you are dealing with.

Legal Disclaimer:

It remains your own responsibility as a customer or as a worker to abide by local and international laws and regulations when requesting or providing services and to choose workers whom you find suitable and capable to perform your task without any legal responsibility by TaskMoney ®.

Escrow Service Protection:

We always protect your payments with our escrow service and prevent the release of funds to workers until you mark a task as approved upon completion.

Customer Approval:

It is important to note that completed tasks must be marked as either approved or disputed within 3 calendar days from the completion date, otherwise, our systems will automatically release the approved bidding amount to the worker(s).

Disputed Tasks:

Marking a completed task as disputed triggers our team to investigate the task description vs. the service delivered to the best of our ability, .

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